Function network_downloadfromwebserver V2

Increased version of network_downloadfromwebserver:
- Flexibility increase.
- Add support of FTP with user and password.

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Function imagecreatefrombmp

Content following functions:
- getimagesizebmp($filename)
return array(width,height,depth).

- imagecreatefrombmp($filename)
compatible 1,4,8,16,24 and 32bits.
return picture.

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Function network_downloadspeedlimiter

- network_downloadspeedlimiter($file,$speedlimit)
return true if file successful download.

Filesize : 629b
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File manipulation functions

Content following functions:
- File_GetFileWExt($path)
Filename from a dir path

- File_GetFileWOExt($filename)
Filename without extension

- File_GetFileExt($filename)
Extension of a file

- File_CreateEmptyFile($filename)
Create a empty file

- File_ReadFile($filename)
Read a file

- File_ReadFileInArray($filename)
Read a file in array

- File_AddLineInFile($filename,$string)
Add a line in file

- File_Filesize($filename)
Filesize formated in a array

- File_RenameFile($filename,$newfilename)
Rename a file

- File_GetFileRight($filename)
Get file rights

- File_SetFileRight($filename,$mode)
Put file rights

- File_GetFileInfo($filename)
Get infos of a file (create date and last modification)

- File_DeleteFile($filename)
Delete a file

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Function network_checkhost

- network_checkhost($host,optional $port,optional $protocol,optional $timeout)
return true if up.

Filesize : 552b
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Function network_downloadfromwebserver

- network_downloadfromwebserver($url,$downloadpath)
return false if fail or array(filename,size in b,download url,download path,download duration in s)

Filesize : 771b
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Function system_getdircontent

Content following functions:
- system_getdircontent($path,$info,$sort,$ignore)
return a array with $info data.

- array_msort($array, $cols)
found on

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